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How can we make this section better? If you are self-employed, we need to see your accounts for the period in question. Self Employed If you are self-employed, average years dating we need to see your accounts for the period in question.

Update on changes to backdating of Housing Benefit

Backdating housing benefit

Letters confirming student grants and loans. If you feel that you've been discriminated against when you are paid benefits or tax credits, you can make a complaint about this. For information about Universal Credit, see our section on Universal Credit.

It can apply if you pay rent to a company or trust that you have some connection with. Or did you receive housing benefit in the last three years? What is Housing Benefit Housing Benefit helps people pay their rent. It is usually not enough to say you did not realise that you would have been entitled to benefit, unless there was good reason why you could not have investigated this yourself.

You are a Crown tenant if you rent your home from the Crown or a government department. For more about discrimination, see our discrimination pages. You can find out more or opt-out from some cookies.

Housing benefit

The general rule is that your entitlement to benefit will start the Monday following the day your claim was received by the council. We're here for everyone, but only with your support. For full details of other capital which is ignored, christian a you should get advice.

Backdating deadline looms

Why wasn't this advice helpful? If you're thinking of moving into private rented accommodation, or of moving into another area, you can find out how much rent Housing Benefit will cover where you want to live. You must also provide proof of the income, savings and the rent you paid during the period when you were unable to claim.

Welcome to Shelter Scotland. The local authority works out how much Housing Benefit you're entitled to based on the rent officer's decision. It can be paid weekly, fortnightly, every four weeks or every month, depending on how frequently you pay your rent.

The Housing Benefit you can get may be reduced if another person lives with you who could be expected to pay towards their accommodation, even if they do not. If you disagree with the date your claim starts from for any other reason, you can appeal against the decision within a calendar month of that decision being made. Forms and documents can be brought to any Comhairle Office. This is an extra payment not Housing Benefit which you can get if you need further financial assistance with your housing costs.

This is called an extended payment. Click the button below to start your claim. Certain other types of capital are also ignored. Completing a claim for Housing Benefit The easiest way to complete a claim for Housing Benefit is online. There is a section on the claim form which asks if you would like your benefit backdated, so you should fill that in if you do.

Whats a good reason for backdating housing benefit

Homeless Link

Backdating benefit for working-age customers
Housing Benefit payments

You should use the claim form from the Housing Benefit office and ask the claim to be dated from the day you asked for it. You can't get Housing Benefit to help with the costs of a mortgage or home loan. You would be expected to make enquiries as to what benefit was available to you if you were having difficulties paying your rent or Council Tax. If the amount of Housing Benefit you are entitled to doesn't cover all your rent, you may have to make up the difference out of any other income you have, or find cheaper accommodation. Alternatively, write a letter and send it along with the claim form.

Housing Benefit helps people pay their rent. You should do this within one month of the decision about your housing benefit. If your Housing Benefit does not cover all of your rent and you need more help, you may be able to get some additional money from the local authority.

The council will make a decision after considering the facts in each application. Who is eligible to claim a backdate? Primary - supply one of the following. The change might increase your payment and you might miss out on extra money if you tell the council late. If you have committed fraud, different rules apply.

Once the council has made a decision you'll receive a letter notifying you of this. Your benefit may be reduced if you are convicted more than once. For example, tell your local authority if you have a disability that stops you using the online form. Some local authorities allow you to make a claim for Housing Benefit by email or on the internet. If you do not report relevant changes, you may be underpaid, or you may cause an overpayment which you will have to pay back.

Backdating a benefit claim - Hertsmere Borough Council

You should still tell the council as soon as you can if you think a change might reduce your Housing Benefit - you won't save money by reporting it later. Housing Benefit is paid by your local authority. If you are temporarily away from home and still have to pay rent, you may be able to carry on getting Housing Benefit. Top links Template letter to raise a grievance at work.

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What is good cause for backdating? Backdating benefit The general rule is that your entitlement to benefit will start the Monday following the day your claim was received by the council. Before we can consider backdating your claim, you will need to explain to us any exceptional circumstances or reason about why your claim was made late.

Please check the details below. But you need to remember that not all of your rent or housing costs may be covered. This could lead to a quicker decision on your claim. Get advice if you're England.

Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Print this page. These are only a few of the more common factors the council will look at when deciding if good cause is shown. You have been unwell this includes mental health problems and unable to manage your personal affairs.

Housing benefit

Who is eligible to claim a backdate

Capital, savings and investments. You are a Crown tenant You are a Crown tenant if you rent your home from the Crown or a government department. To find out more about how Housing Benefit is calculated, you should consult an experienced adviser, for example, at your nearest Citizens Advice. Forums Recent Rules My Activity.

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  • This list only gives examples, so you could ask someone who is not on the list to write a supporting letter.
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Need backdating

You have difficulty reading or writing and were not able to ask someone to help you. If you were misled by official or unofficial information. If you can't use the online form, dating websites lancashire ask for a paper form instead and say why you need it.

  1. You may find the amount of Housing Benefit you are entitled to won't cover all your rent.
  2. Remember you must show good cause for the whole period you wish your benefit backdated for.
  3. Any delay in sending your evidence will slow down your application and may mean you miss out on help.
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