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The subcontractors may have used their own dating systems, as changing to a standardized Sugino system would add extra cost and perhaps confusion at the subcontractor's plant. It was offered as a thank you for the Vintage-Trek website. Using the list in the Playing Card Manufacturers Article on this website, you can narrow down the years a deck was made.

We are trying to sort out the manufacturer's date code on Nitto handlebars and stems. However, a Gran Compe set of calipers had no markings. Some were made from all Reynolds tubing. There are date codes on some Nitto stems. We have received and replied to over emails.

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  • Serial number information can be found on the serial number page.
  • In Jack Crane was declared bankrupt and the family moved to Lightwoods Hill.
  • The date is on the back side of the arm near the spider of the crank, typically of the form of the two-digit year above a letter, apparently representing the month.

Many of the questions asked and then researched have been the basis for information added to the site. Reported by Tom Sustarich. On front derailleurs it is stamped on the back side of the inner cage. In my opinion, hook up these framesets and bikes will only increase in value over time.

My earlier hubs have no such letter marking. Also, if the deck is open than it is possible for the deck to be in the incorrect box, in which case the tax stamp offers no insight into the date of the actual deck. The mark is made up of a circle with the first letter of the month in Italian or just a number around the edge, with the two-digit year code in the center. By then, Hercules had lost its understanding of the market. Playing Card Manufacturers.

Hercules Cycle and Motor Company

The latter part of this period was for Sachs-Huret derailleurs, after the purchase of Huret by Sachs. Feel like you are always wearing a red shirt in your relationships? The Normandy Luxe Competition hubs we have seen have no stamped information, but were marked with gold or red stickers on their barrels.

Usually decks were stamped when they were marketed as opposed to when they were manufactured. However, finding the code may be hard on the saddle. The following information was provided by Tony Colegrave, Brooks expert, saddle repairman, tips for dating a divorced and custom leather saddle fabricator.

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Unfortunately, these hubs apparently have no date codes. He, or the previous owner, had replaced many of the steel bolts in the components with titanium or aluminum after-market items. The table below shows these two characteristics through time. Since it arrived, I have gathered almost all of the needed components. The price list and values page also has a list of bike prices when new.


Trek craftsmen Mike Appel left and Dick Nolan. The second two numbers are the year of manufacture e. In the second form, the two numerals are the last two digits of the year. Among their users was the Team.

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The current method of date coding Brooks saddles is a colored stamp on the underside of the saddle, with a number for the year surrounding a letter for the month. It provides a rough way to date a Brooks saddle. Nowhere else will you find so many divorced, never-married or widowed individuals whose lives are all affected by food allergies. He posed the question on the forum and got dozens of offers of support. Nitto We are trying to sort out the manufacturer's date code on Nitto handlebars and stems.

Since there is many dates for each letter, you should use the rest of this information to select the correct year for the deck. This nice piece of detective work means that if a Shimano or other date code seems to provide the wrong year, look carefully to see if another manufacturer might have made the part. This community allows us to stop being mom or dad if we ever were and focus on being the outstanding single man or single woman that we are.

Determining the Age of a Raleigh

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Share On twitter Share On twitter Share. All around us we see gorgeous people, on television, in movies and magazines. There were also decks produced by U. This was a perfect fit for the Mistral and seemed to apply to all the Sugino cranks I examined thereafter. He also rode for Hercules as a professional.

The Columbus tubing, racing geometry, kundali match and fastback seat stays were characteristic of this model not to be confused with the later bikes from the mids having cast socketed seat lugs in fastback form. Share On facebook Share On facebook Share. My son has a Model Trek carbon-tubed mountain bike.

In this website, we credit the people involved in the understanding of these codes. Some bike parts have a date code cast or stamped into the piece. They were made with Reynolds tubing. At GlutenfreeSingles, signs she's dating you are not alone! Some Trek models shared the same frame.

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  1. Unfortunately, many of these are coded, and require some additional knowledge to understand the code.
  2. This page also includes suggestions for estimating the current value of a Vintage Trek.
  3. With thousands of Captains already online, SeaCaptainDate.
  4. On some models there may also be another date code on back of lever's tip.
  5. See this gallery page for details.
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Plastic bicycle seats often have a date code molded into the underside of the plastic core of the seat. Other manufacturers of bicycle components have date marks on their pieces. The date of manufacture of a bicycle's components can often be used to determine the date of manufacture of the bike itself. Trek owner Larry Osborn made this observation, and suggested this as a supplementary way of dating a Trek and other bikes as well. See the Williams components dating information provided by Hiliary Stone and shown on the Classic Rendezvous web site.

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New components often were used. The first letter represents the year and the second is the month, where A is January and L is December. Earlier, in corresponding with Dave Vegafria about his s, I casually mentioned my long-term hope of getting a one day.

The last two digits indicate the year. Suggestions for buying or selling a vintage Trek are given on the site as well as tips for refurbishing or upgrading your bike. Sansin and Sunshine hubs were made by the same company. If you see a deck was produced by one of these companies, you know it was produced prior to the acquisition date.

Currently, I am not adding more photos to the Gallery. Management of the British Cycle Corporation was handed to the Raleigh management, as that company with its greater domestic focus, was larger and better known. The two sets of Dia-Compe brake lever bodies I checked had the four-number date code stamped inside the lever body I couldn't find any markings on the levers themselves.

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