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Hp Proliant Dl320 G6 Drivers

Resolved an issue that may result in memory instability. Enhanced the look of the display during boot.

This option allows the user to choose between the traditional performance optimized behavior or a more power efficient behavior. Optimized the memory settings to improve the reliability of the memory system.

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Processor One of the followingdepending on Model. Xeon W processor family does not support any of above advanced features.

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In such cases, the customer's script will need to be updated. This was required to ensure adequate cooling of the platform. This issue only affects the display of the temperature on the screen during boot and does not affect operation of the system. This issue does not impact any processors that are not listed above. The status was simply indicated incorrectly.

Hp proliant dl320 g6 drivers

Industry standardcompliance. Information for this Overview is taken from the product QuickSpecs. The server will now request permission to reset before doing so. Increased server power efficiency when the server is configured to take advantage of idle power states C-states.

Resolved the possibility of an extremely rare issue where the system could hang during system boot. Microsoft Windows Server Small Business. Microsoft Windows Server for bit Extended Systems. Added support for Intel Xeon series quad-core and six-core processors.

Hp proliant dl320 g6 drivers

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This would prevent any further keyboard input from being accepted. Added support to prevent the possibility of the server exceeding its allocated power budget if it is reset when managed as part of a Dynamic Group Power Cap. Operating systems andvirtualization software.

While these option cards are extremely rare, they will now function properly. As a result of this issue, software may lose interrupts, receive spurious interrupts or cause a network disconnect.

Hp proliant dl320 g6 drivers

This issue has never been observed on this platform. The new enhanced look will be displayed by default. Reboot is required after installation for updates to take effect and hardware stability to be maintained.

Added support to display the ambient temperature measured near the air intake of the system during system boot. Added support to allow some industry standard utilities to display power supply information such as the power supply wattage and part number. Software overview Feature. These options are only available when the system is using Intel series Xeon processors. This issue did not cause or indicate any actual performance degradation.

Microsoft Windows Server Foundation Edition. Some software requires a valid warranty, current Hewlett Packard Enterprise support contract, or a license fee. The system firmware was incorrectly identifying slowness in frequency due to normal idle power state transitions as throttling due to power capping, even if power capping was not enabled or active. Resolved a very rare issue where the system may either hang during system boot or boot with configuration options set incorrectly when non-volatile storage becomes corrupt.

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Utilities to display this information may not yet be available. If customers require a local power cord, dell p2311hb driver they can check the power cord matrix for the appropriate country specific cord. This is normally seen as the system hanging during system boot without anything displayed to video. Product features Features.

Intelligent manageability. Once the system gets into this state, the maintenance jumper can be utilized to recover operation of the system and restore configuration defaults. Memory One of the followingdepending on Model. This issue results in no functional issue for the system. The system is susceptible to this issue in the default Minimum Processor Idle State configuration.

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Microsoft Windows Server Essential Business. Very helpful Somewhat helpful Not helpful. Updated the Intel processor microcode to the latest version. Added support to allow industry standard utilities to display the actual operating frequency of the installed memory.

This option is not available for systems utilizing Intel Xeon series processors. Added support for Collaborative Power Control. Cache memory One of the followingdepending on Model. The operating system may not have access to all of the memory installed in the system.

HP ProLiant DL320 G6 Server - Overview

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Intel Xeon processor series and Intel Xeon processor series are not affected by this issue. This is supporting a newly defined industry standard field.