ECS X58B-A2 manual

X58b-a2 Drivers

For some add-on cards, for example graphics adapters and network adapters, the nvidia opengl driver lost connection with the display minecraft you have to install drivers and software before you can begin using the add-on card. Then you can restart your computer and continue to install drivers without running blocked programs. Run Reboot Setup Windows Vista will block startup programs by default when installing drivers after the system restart. You must install at least one module in any of the six slots. Doing overvoltage may result in damage to system.

The above port definition can be changed to audio input or audio output by changing the driver utility setting. Refer to the Utility Folder Installation Notes later in this chapter.

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You might like to enable this item after you are confident that your system hardware is operating smoothly. Some options marked with a triangle f f f f f lead to submenus that enable you to change the values for the option. The next chapter explains how to install the motherboard.

Also, install the cooling fan in a well-lit work area so that you can clearly see the motherboard and processor socket. Checking Jumper Settings Checking Jumper Settings The following illustration shows the location of the motherboard jumpers. Use the items below this one to set the date and time of the wake-up alarm. If the password has been installed, Installed displays.

If the card is not Plug and Play, you may have to manually configure the card before installation. We strongly recommend that you do not over-clock processors or other components to run faster than their rated speed. Set the window for displaying text information. Use the cursor arrow keys to scroll through the items in the submenu. Handle the modules only by their edges.

Over-clocking can perma- nently damage the motherboard by generating excess heat in components that are run beyond the rated limits. Do not touch the components or metal parts. The more precies your question is, the higher the chances of quickly receiving an answer from another user. This motherboard supports audio devices that cor- respond to the A, B, and D port respectively. Use the cursor arrow keys to move the highlight to other options.

Ensure to grasp on the edge of the substrate. Installing the Motherboard in a Case Refer to the following illustration and instructions for installing the motherboard in a case. Other product names used in this manual are the properties of their respective owners and are acknowledged.

Never try to install all software from folder that is not specified for use with your motherboard. The motherboard identification is located in the upper left-hand corner. You can use the sub menu to change the supervisor password.

ECS (Elitegroup) X58B-A2 (V1.0/1.1) Drivers

You may be able to change the settings in the system Setup Utility. Perhaps the users of ManualsCat. Block Multi-Sector Transfer Auto If the feature is enabled, it will enhance hard disk performance by reading or writing more data during each transfer.

Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Some features on the motherboard are implemented by cabling connectors on the motherboard to indicators and switches on the system case. Use the arrow keys to move the color bar and navigate through the items. We suggest users not mix memory type. Forums New posts Search forums.

Follow the instructions on the screen to install the items. In this manual, default values are enclosed in parenthesis.

Below you can find a brief description of each software program, and the location for your motherboard version. Connect an auxiliary power source from the power supply to the graphics cards. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful inter- ference to radio communications. If the item is set to Enhanced, the system will run at its good performance level and enable overclocking function.

This jack connects to external optical digital audio output devices. Price difference can't be much? Neither this manual, nor any of the material contained herein, may be reproduced without written consent of the author.

Checking Jumper Settings This section explains how to set jumpers for correct configuration of the motherboard. The screens and driver lists will be different according to the motherboard you are installing. The clock speed and system bus are determined by the kind of processor you have in- stalled in your system.

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If not, Not Installed displays. Connecting Case Components Connecting Case Components After you have installed the motherboard into a case, you can begin connecting the motherboard components. Check the box next to the items you want to install. Ensure that the edge connector is correctly seated in the slot.

Use this item to determine the device order the computer used to look for an operating system to load at start-up time. Front Panel Audio header This header allows the user to install auxiliary front-oriented microphone and line- out ports for easier access. This chapter provides explanations for Setup Utility options. Jumpers with more than one pin are numbered.

This file may contain important information to help you install the software correctly. Disabled, Compatible, Enhanced. On most motherboards, there are small surface-mount resistors near the processor socket, which may be damaged if the cooling fan is carelessly installed. The devices showed here will be different depending on the exact devices installed on your motherboard.

X58b-a2 drivers

Any changes can affect the operation of your computer. Supervisor Password Not Installed This item indicates whether a supervisor password has been set.

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Before installing an add-on card, check the documentation for the card carefully. Make sure that your case supports all the features required.