How to Create a Certificate Template with MS Office Word

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Biya Templates | With creativity and a bit of ideas, you can create nice and cool certificates by simply utilizing a simple office program. For example Microsoft Office Word or Open Office. With just 4 easy steps, you can create a cool certificate that is not inferior to a certificate made with a professional graphic design program.

    1. Prepare a frame of certificates that matches the topic (you can download it through the sites of the high resolution certificate frame provider for free. You can also download transparent images or images with a png format that matches the certificate topic to make it look more interesting.).
    2. Open the Microsoft Office Word program and prepare the spreadsheet in a landscape position (adjustable to your needs).
    3. Place the certificate frame that you downloaded on the worksheet and make sure it can be overwritten (select behind text on the formatting tab).
    4. Begin to make the appropriate writing on the certificate frame!

Additional tips:

  • Create a Certificate title with striking letters and sizes. You can use the Word Art facility to create one.
  • If necessary, you can add transparent images (or images with PNG format) as a complement.
  • Feel free to create with different types of letters. The more unique the certificate you create will make it more valuable.